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Stamford Downtown Balloon Parade was a Big Success

After two years of inclement weather, Sunday brought us great “flying” weather.

Paddington Bear took to the streets of downtown Stamford with 36 balloon handlers and more banner holders. Our volunteers, and for many this was their first balloon parade, marched and spun their way down Summer Street and Atlantic Street in front of large crowds. Marchers waved teal spin signs (2,500 were given out by our street teams) and followed the wild cheers of “spin, spin”.  A big thank you goes out to our balloon handlers. They did an outstanding job helping Paddington wave to his many fans. Thank you to the families who came to support us as well. And special thanks to the Atlantic Branch and Prospect Street teams for their efforts.

Take a look at some of our parade volunteers in action.

Thank you, volunteers!

  • Anne Hardy
  • John Bonora
  • Rey Giallongo
  • Bob Granata
  • Willard Miley
  • Vicki Puciato
  • Sara Tucker
  • Jason Benitez
  • Duncan Lee
  • Prasanta Nath
  • Ricky Arriaga
  • Edens Fleurizard
  • Monique Gist
  • Richard Evanko
  • Nashaly Caraballo
  • Elizabeth Grajeda
  • Brad Lupinacci
  • Stephanie Frederick
  • Anna Marie Pace
  • Nino Antonelli
  • Karen Patterson
  • Gerda Denis
  • Sophia Jean
  • Shaun Intriago
  • Aarti Bansal
  • Shelonddini Louis
  • Kevin Granata
  • Genesis Garcia
  • Sebastian Kulesza
  • Dominique Ruffin
  • Cristina Pace
  • Tamara Ledwith
  • Jennifer DaSilva
  • Michelle Bonora
  • Joe Granata
  • Faith Miley
  • Ryan Ledwith
  • Jose Luis Gutierrez
  • Marita Perillo
  • Stella Amortegui
  • Melissa Houle
  • Melissa Arevalo
  • Dave Metzgar
  • Gabriel Amortegui
  • Sendy Montour


In Our Community

First County Bank & Palmer’s Market Donate Turkeys to The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, First County Bank teamed up with Palmer’s Market to donate 100 turkeys, a $1,500 donation, to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

These turkeys will feed dozens of families in need in Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, and Wilton. The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County provides food to about 80 nonprofit agencies and programs that serve low income residents in their six-town service area through bags of groceries and congregate meals. The centers they serve include soup kitchens, food pantries, child care programs, homeless shelters, senior centers, domestic violence safe houses, and rehabilitation programs.

Pictured: First County Bank employees with Palmer’s Market donate turkeys to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Inc. with Aitza Cabrera, Darien branch manager, Greg Palmer, owner of Palmer’s Market, and Mark Rosenbloom, vice president, Cash Management Services.

Bank News

Employee Profile: Meet Jennifer DaSilva

Meet Jennifer DaSilva, Corporate Secretary at our Summer Street office. Jennifer has worked at First County Bank for 17 years.

Tell us a little about yourself – feel free to include information about your family, hobbies and/or involvement in the community:

I’m a mother of two children, Tony, 28, and Mia, 19. I’m also the mom of two finicky cats! I love reading, hiking, and visiting local flea markets to add to my vinyl collection.

What is your favorite part of your role with First County Bank?

My favorite part of my role here at First County Bank has been working with the Foundation since its inception, in 2001. I’m honored to now have an intimate role within the Foundation committee as the Foundation Secretary. Spending time and assisting Rey (CEO) and Bob (President) is also rewarding.

Do you have a favorite First County Bank moment? This can be any moment at the Bank that has made an impact on your life.

A few years ago at one of the Bank’s Annual Celebration of Mutual Partnerships, the bank’s annual foundation event, I bumped into the wife of my middle school music teacher. Along with a few other students, he requested that I play in a flute quartet at their wedding over 30 years ago.

Jennifer currently works as the Corporate Secretary for Reyno Giallongo, Chief Operating Officer, and Bob Granata, President at our Summer Street offices.

First County Advisors/Wealth Management

First County Advisors, the Wealth Management Division of First County Bank, Hosts Linda Duessel from Federated Investors

On October 25, First County Bank Advisors, the Wealth Management Division of First County Bank hosted a very special guest, Linda Duessel, CFA, CPA, CFP, Senior Equity Strategist, Senior Vice President with Federated Investors, Inc.

Ms. Duessel’s presentation, “Economic and Market Outlook: It All Depends On Your Time Horizon” was well-received by an audience of approximately 120 people at Innes Arden Country Club in Greenwich.

Guests heard Linda share insights on timely market trends and topics about the economic impact of global affairs, the impact of mid-term elections, the closer watch on inflation as well as demographic changes and the impact of millennials.

Following her presentation there was an interactive Q&A with our guests.

Digital Connection

#DigitalConnection: Go Cardless with Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®

Have you ever forgotten your First County Bank debit or credit card at home? First County Bank now offers alternative payment methods with the Mobile Wallet feature. Customers no longer need to present their debit or credit card at checkout when they use the Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay® app.

Customers can convert their First County Bank debit or credit card into a digital version through these Mobile Wallets. Simply download the Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay® app, enter your First County Bank Card information, complete the enrollment process, and start paying from your mobile device. Transactions can be carried out using the digital version of your card via mobile device, eliminating the need to always carry a physical card.

Mobile Wallets ensure the protection of customers by using a encryption system, keeping card information private from merchants. First County Bank’s Mobile Payment Solutions offer a secure and useful alternative to paying with a physical card whether in store or online. During enrollment, see our Digital Wallet Services disclosures for terms, conditions, and further details.


Did You Know?

Did You Know? A ValueAccess Checking Account with BaZing Provides Travel Accidental Death Insurance

Did you know that a ValueAccess Checking Account with BaZing** provides Travel Accidental Death Insurance* for when the unexpected happens?

Life insurance can help secure the financial future of your loved ones, help with funeral costs and pay off any outstanding debts you may have. Insurance can seem complicated and overwhelming, but we are here to be sure you know that we can help with all of your financial needs, including protecting your family from the unexpected. If you’re a parent, life insurance can help to pay for tuition and other educational expenses for your child.

*Insurance products are not FDIC insured; not insured by any government agency, not a deposit or other obligation of First County Bank, and not guaranteed by First County Bank. See checking account disclosures*** for details.

**Fees, terms and conditional apply.


Trends & Tips

Cyber Security Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and we’re sharing some tips with you to be sure you stay safe this holiday season while shopping online or at your local brick and mortar stores. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is commemorating its 15th year initiative to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security. The  collaborative effort between government and industry professionals is to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online, and help reduce occurrences of cyber-threats.

The National Cyber Security Alliance is emphasizing four key messages this month which are as follows:

  • Cyber security is our shared responsibility and we all must work together to improve our nation’s cyber security.
  • Strengthen the nation’s cyber security ecosystem.
  • Tackle it together: Cyber security is a cross-cutting, cross-sector problem, so we have got to tackle it together.
  • Build up the cyber security workforce across all sectors and secure critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

Here at First County Bank, we encourage you to protect your accounts while shopping on your cell phone. Mobile technology is changing the way we think of our wallet. Along with using your physical debit or credit card you may now also access your accounts with your mobile device – often referred to as a “Digital Wallet.” Digital Wallets may be used to conveniently pay for goods and services; manage your payments and accounts; receive offers from merchants you know and trust; track and spend reward or loyalty points; store digital receipts and warranty information; and get alerts about your account and spending.

Similar to the way you protect your physical wallet it is important to protect your digital wallet. Here are a few tips to help make sure your Digital Wallet is as secure as it is convenient.

  • Keep Your Login Credentials Secure: Easy access to usernames and passwords leads to misuse.
  • Use Device Security Features: Set devices to require a password before they can be used.
  • Use a Unique Password for Your Digital Wallet: Use a strong password and don’t use
    the same password you use for email or social networking sites.
  • Keep Your Device Updated: Hardware and software manufacturers release frequent updates
    to optimize performance and security.
  • Use Security Software: Activate anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  • Use the Right App: Only install apps from the appropriate trusted app store.
  • Connect to Secure Networks: Secure network connections usually require passwords and
    are identified as “WPA or WPA2.” Unsecure networks are available to the public and may be
    labeled as a “WEP” connection.
  • Monitor Your Accounts: First County Bank mobile banking allows you to set up account
  • Keep Your Private Stuff Private: Don’t share sensitive data. First County Bank will never
    ask for private information such as passwords or account numbers.
  • Don’t click on Random Links: Avoid links received via text even when you think you know
    the sender.
  • Remove Compromised Cards: If your physical card is lost or stolen remove it from your
    digital wallet.

Contact First County Bank immediately if your mobile device is lost or stolen, an individual card stored in your Digital Wallet is lost or stolen, or if you suspect that your account has been compromised. If you have any questions please call our CustomerFirst Contact Center at (203) 462-4400 (Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

For more information on how to stay safe, please visit the e-fraud section of our website.

Digital Connection

#DigitalConnection: Deposit Checks Anytime, Anywhere with Mobile Check Deposit

Need to deposit a check after Bank hours? Now you can with First County Bank’s Mobile Check Deposit feature on our Mobile App!

This feature allows customers to deposit checks to your First County Bank checking or savings accounts from your own mobile device at any time. With Mobile Check Deposit, customers simply upload images of the front and back of their endorsed check without having to go to the Bank. Making a deposit has never been easier with Mobile Check Deposit!

Some useful tips for Mobile Check Deposit:

  • Endorse the back of your check with your signature and write “For Mobile Deposit Only” before taking the image
  • Soon after depositing a check, you will receive an email confirming the deposit has been received, followed by a second email indicating whether your deposit has been accepted
  • After your check has been deposited, mark the front of your check “Deposited via Mobile” with the date and store for safekeeping
In Our Community

First County Team Commits to #BeTheChange at ‘MarcUS for Change’ 5K

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

This month, a team of our dedicated employees joined hundreds in committing to “Be the change” at the “MarcUS for Change” 5K road race in Stamford. The mission of MarcUS for Change is to “improve the academic, social, and mental well being of at-risk middle school and high school children,” according to their website, by coordinating local and national opportunities for mentoring, academic support, extracurricular activities, and social development.

The charity was founded in honor of an at-risk student, Marcus Dixon McInerney,  who escaped a life of violence and truancy thanks to the help of a local family offering him a stable home and guidance. His life was cut short in a tragic accident in 2012. “MarcUS for Change” inspires the community to be the change kids need, especially during middle and high school.

First County Bank employees Stella Amortegui, Oscar Carrillo, and Aziza Moustaine joined for team leader Shaun Intriago for the first time. Shaun has participated in the event since its beginning, six years ago. Patryzja Carrillo, Oscar’s wife, and Gabriel, Stella’s son, also joined in the fun.

“MarcUS for change is important because it supports youth mentorships but also celebrates the life of Marcus McInerney Dixon and Marcus Hall,” Shaun said. “Hundreds of participants came out to the event which featured a parade, an international dance festival, and dozens of children’s activities.”

Proceeds from the race went to support the Stamford Public Education Foundation, Stamford High School, the Mayor’s Youth Employment program, the Stamford Youth Foundation football and cheerleading programs, Kids Helping Kids, RF Boxing’s “Stand Up for Youth” 5K, the Rachel Sottosanti Foundation for Mental Health, the Abilis Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford.

For more information, visit the MarcUS for Change website:

Pictured left to right: Patryzja Carrillo, Gabriel Amortegui, Stella Amortegui, Oscar Carrillo, Aziza Moustaine, Shaun Intriago

Bank News

Start Your Career at First County Bank—It’s Where You Belong

Want to join a talented, professional organization that cares about the community? Join our team at First County Bank!

A career in banking offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits, paid holidays and the opportunity to work with a stellar team of employees who go above and beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of our customers. Working in the banking industry provides a wide variety of personal and career growth opportunities as well as the possibility of career progression, competitive pay and benefits.

Currently, we’re looking for an Underwriter to join our Loan Processing team; a Building Maintenance Worker to join our Administrative Services team; and a Teller Supervisor and a Part-Time Teller to join our Retail Banking team.

Apply here: