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Out with the Old. Security-Enhanced Debit Cards Coming Soon.

RGCEO11Say goodbye to the 1960s’ technology in your pocket. We at First County Bank, as well as most banks nationally, will be issuing new debit cards to our customers early this fall adding the new EMV chip to your debit card. The EMV chip is actually a computer chip embedded in your card to authenticate transactions, improve payment security and reduce the likelihood of fraudsters stealing account information. These enhancements come in the wake of very well-publicized frauds at Home Depot, Target and other retailers.

Retailers will be adding new in-store technology and payment processes to accommodate this change. Industry experts anticipate 700 million new cards will be issued. Card users will be affected as the well-known “swipe” will be replaced with “the dip” meaning cards will need to remain in the reader until the transaction is complete and either a signature or PIN added. If a merchant has not yet converted to the new point-of-sale EMV technology, the reader will default to the less secure magnetic stripe information on the reverse side of the card.

The U.S. is the last major market still using the magnetic-stripe card system. Many European countries moved to EMV technology years ago to combat high fraud rates. The upcoming shift to the EMV card should help many of our customers when they travel.

We are very aware of how inconvenient it is for our customers when we are notified of actual or potential fraud on your debit card and have to reissue your card. This enhanced chip technology will better protect your information, should be easy to use and be more accepted globally now that this technology will soon become standard in the U.S.

We’ll provide you with more information as we begin to the reissue process but rest assured using your debit card remains a secure and efficient way to make purchases.

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Here’s the reveal…Check out First County Bank’s New Executive Offices

First County Bank has some great news to share. We’ve just completed four (4) months in production of the Bank’s first video posting! Not that it took that long to film and edit but, the story line reveals our new office space at 3001 Summer Street in Stamford!

Our New Executive Offices

Posted by First County Bank on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Some of you may recognize the address as the recent new home of Pitney Bowes located in the Bull’s Head section of Stamford. As of May 4th, the first floor of 3001 Summer Street is the new home of our Business Banking/Commercial Lending division, the team at First County Advisors, our wealth management division; and our Executive Offices. Our space provides plenty of visitor parking and most importantly, easy access for our customers.

RGCEO11Having not done a project like this before, it reaffirmed our belief in the importance of working with community based partners. The teams assembled to build and design the space – our landlord at Ashforth Properties; our architectural design firm, Esposito Design Associates; and, last but not least, our own Board of Directors and Bank staff could not have done a better job. Not only did the build-out go smoothly, but working collaboratively with our partners resulted in nearly no punch list or post-completion projects!

We celebrated our “Grand Opening” with a ceremonial ribbon cutting with Stamford Mayor David Martin and other community leaders on the evening of May 20th. A great time was had by all with Bank staff conducting many “walking tours” of the new offices.

If you have an opportunity to visit with First County Advisors or our Commercial Lenders, please stop in. We’re very proud of our new space and the technology being used here. Just as we’ve been for the past 164 years, First County Bank will be here for a while!


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An Evening for the Kids

RGCEO1I was fortunate to be recognized this past week by the Childcare Learning Center (CLC) for our Bank and Foundation’s work with CLC over the years. It was a real thrill to meet my co-honoree, Sharon Robinson, author, educational consultant to Major League Baseball and daughter of Rachel and Jackie Robinson. Adding to the evening, Mrs. Rachel Robinson joined us and both mother and daughter fondly remember their time as residents of Stamford.

CLC is a local nonprofit agency that has been at the forefront of developing and implementing high-quality programs for childcare and early childhood education and development. I’ve known CLC from the early 80s when I was President of the United Way Board of Directors and we’d walk over to perform site visits. One of the personal pleasures I had stems from those United Way visits – that’s spending time with CLC’s teachers and instructors. Each CLC program is developed with the goal of closing the achievement gap between children of low and high-income families. I’m proud to say the First County Bank Foundation has, since 2003, chosen to support CLC’s Teacher Education Initiative (TEI), which provides opportunities for the organization’s teachers to increase their skill set through outside course work and in-house seminars. It’s these types of initiatives that are easy for us to invest in as the TEI program produces tangible improvements year after year.

CLC used the occasion of their annual gala, which took place on April 25th, to showcase several successful alumni of their early childhood education program by enrolling them into the newly formed “CLC Hall of Fame.” It was a real thrill – the kids were great and very successful after overcoming significant childhood barriers.

The evening ended on a very high note with jazz guitarist and former NY Yankees great, Bernie Williams, performing. A very special evening for a very special organization.

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Did You Say Thank You?

RGCEO1As many of you may know, Cheryl and I don’t have any kids but count our Golden Retriever as our son. That said, I can only image how difficult the job of raising a child is in today’s busy world of school, play dates, homework and sports. Good manners is a life lesson I learned from my parents but frankly, I don’t remember how or when so those lessons must have started at a really early age.

My colleagues and I recently spent the weekend at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center’s Maple Sugar Festival handing out popcorn and drawstring bags to thousands of kids and most all said “Please and Thank You” when asking one of us for popcorn. It may not seem like a big deal but we were all very impressed with how polite and well mannered the kids were.

So a quick well done to all the parents and care-givers out there. Good manners are a life-long habit not just something you pull out in public but something those kids did automatically.

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Celebrate Local Entrepreneurship

RGCEO11This Saturday, November 29th, is Small Business Saturday.  Shop locally and support our communities.

That’s a pretty simple statement but it carries quite a bit of meaning. This movement (and it is a movement) began in 2010 and has been picking up steam since then. The whole idea is to shop on Main Street – to support our local merchants – during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. By doing so, we continue the tradition of supporting our neighbors, our towns and communities.

Our local retailers are providing jobs, great customer service and will be open to help answer questions and assemble toys right up until the Holidays. These are folks you see every day supporting our communities, non-profits and our schools.

By shopping locally, the taxes we pay come back into our cities and towns and the sales dollars, nationally, are extraordinary. An estimated $5.5. million is spent on Small Business Saturday – let’s spend some of that here!

So let’s get offline for a while, walk downtown and do some shopping!

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Economic Development and the Environment

RGCEO11First County Bank is pleased to be a founding member of Stamford 2030 District, a unique initiative which unites local business leaders in the quest for commercial building energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and sustainability mindfulness. Stamford is the first small city and the first city in New England to join the initiative.

We are following a well thought-out model led by cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and Denver in an effort to set goals and reduce our use of energy and water and lower emissions related to our office and branch locations in Stamford. The effort is phased and voluntary for the Bank and other property owners who become part of the Stamford 2030 District.

We immediately recognized the financial benefits of improving our building efficiency such as reduced operating costs, increased property values, reduced exposure to fuel price volatility and savings in operations and maintenance costs.

In my view, membership is a win-win proposition. We now have a clearer idea of what we need to work on to improve our energy usage; the 2030 District will connect us to resources and partners to help accomplish our goals – partners with the expertise we would not have had access to. As a Community Bank, we feel that contributing to the greater good by taking sensible actions, which will result in reduced energy usage, is a good thing.

This is a great competitive differentiator for the City of Stamford. Our ability, as a community, to improve our commercial real estate stock, which, admittedly, is somewhat vintage, will help us compete against New York and our Connecticut neighbors, who are all chasing that next commercial tenant. I know the cost-per-square-foot equation is important in rental negotiations but tenants are asking more environmental and sustainability questions these days before deciding where to locate their business.

I would urge commercial property owners in Stamford to get involved in this initiative. More information can be found at

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Join us at the Oyster Festival in Norwalk.

RGCEO11It’s hard to believe the end of summer is here and kids are back in school when it’s this hazy, hot and humid. That however, is perfect weather for this weekend’s Oyster Festival in Norwalk. For those of you that have not attended before you should come by a branch, pick-up tickets and go. This year’s entertainment is going to be GREAT – Scott Stapp of Creed on Friday evening, Joan Jett on Saturday and Tito Puente, Jr. on Sunday.

The Oyster Festival has been the showcase event of the Norwalk Seaport Association since 1978 drawing over 10,000 attendees for the weekend. I remember working the event as a volunteer in the beer tent counting down many, many singles for the bank deposit. The festival was started to showcase the revitalization in South Norwalk – still a work in progress – and to celebrate the region’s maritime history and raise environmental awareness of Long Island Sound and the Harbor areas. It’s accomplishing all of those goals and more.

It’s also about celebrating volunteerism and the community. The Norwalk Seaport Association is largely a volunteer organization and draws on over 12,000 volunteers to stage the weekend. First County Bank has been the major sponsor of the Oyster Festival for many years enlisting thousands of Bank employees and their families to participate over the many weekends. This year we’ll have 87 of our 200 employees on site handing out backpacks to kids at the main gate. Stop by to say hello and cheer for our own John Bonora, Chief Risk & Credit Officer, to win the Oyster Slurping Contest on Saturday!

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Tips for Protecting Yourself from Phishing, Spamming and Hacking Attacks

RGCEO11It was widely reported this week that Russian criminals have stolen more than 1.2 billion Internet usernames and passwords from over 420,000 websites, lifted from companies both large and small. The press is suggesting the credentials have been used for email spamming and for the sale of bogus products like weight-loss pills.

We are all now accustomed to seeing seemingly random messages sent from personal email addresses or social media sites with a link imbedded in the body of the message. To mitigate the risk, you should follow this simple advice: never open or click on the link and, if you can help it, don’t open the email either.

You can also take a few steps to further protect yourself:

  • Change your passwords to smart passwords that contain symbols, numbers, etc.
  • Use different smart passwords for different services & change them frequently.
  • Consider using a short phrase as a password.
  • Be careful what you store electronically – never email account numbers, SSN, TIN etc. as these are the “keys to the kingdom” for hackers.
  • Above all, monitor your account statements for unusual and unauthorized activity. If the activity is not legitimate, you may be a victim of identity theft.


There are many others tips for keeping your data and accounts safe but it comes down to common sense. If you get a poorly worded email that suggests you’ve won the Australian Lottery, don’t respond as you probably haven’t.

For additional information on these topics, you may visit the For Your Privacy and Security section of our website.

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A recent visit to our Nation’s Capital

RGCEO11Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Washington, DC for a short trip and had the good fortune of a little free time. In spite of it being 93 degrees outside and 100% humidity (evidently DC, or at least a part of it, is built on a swamp). I ventured out to the Mall to visit a couple of the Smithsonian Museums and sightsee a bit. The Smithsonian is actually 19 world-class museums and a zoo, all but two within the confines of our Capital.

I started out at a pretty quick pace with the Air and Space Museum in my sights and of course saw the Spirit of St. Louis and the original Wright 1903 Flyer. Pretty cool stuff for a rusty pilot to see.

My next stop was the American History Museum where the 40-foot long American flag that inspired the Star-Spangled Banner is on permanent display in advance of the 200 year National Anthem anniversary this September. Of course, Dorothy’s ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, Archie Bunker’s chair and Julia Child’s kitchen were also a few favorites of mine.

There is obviously plenty to do and see at no cost as museum entry is free. The National Park Service does a great job administering these national treasures where at one end of the Mall are the museums and the other end features the very moving war and veterans memorials.

It’s been quite some time since I last visited DC but I’m reminded that is one of the places in America everyone should visit to be reminded of our great heritage. Be sure to bring water and wear comfortable shoes!

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Mobile Technology Trends and New (Mobile) Service Launch

RGCEO11It’s not hard to notice the ownership trends driving mobile technology. According to the Pew Research Internet Project:

  • 90% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 58% of American adults have a smartphone
  • 74% of smartphone users say they use their phone to get directions or other location based information
  • 86% of smartphone users use their device to decide whether to visit a business, such as a restaurant and
  • 44% of cell phone owners sleep with their phones next to their beds so as not miss a call, message or alert.


I’m not sure I would place my smartphone next to my bed but obviously, these data points are quite telling especially when you think about this technology being less than 10 years old.

As a Community Bank, we pride ourselves with having a technology platform that is not only secure (that’s always our first priority) but one that very quickly meets the needs of our clients. In the last year or so, we rolled out a Mobile Banking App to provide on-line banking users with a smartphone channel. We also converted our web presence to a “responsive website” for an optimal experience on your mobile device We’ve just finished vetting a consumer remote capture program so you’ll soon be able to make a deposit via a photo from you smartphone!

Next in line is our new ValueAccess Checking with BaZing. We are very excited about this new service as it gives clients access to hundreds of thousands of shopping and dining discounts from local and national retailers on the free BaZing mobile app using your smartphone and its built-in location service. Two of my favorite retailers – Planet Pizza and DiMare Pastry – popped right up! The BaZing app also provides cell phone protection, roadside assistance, identity theft assistance and other benefits.

I hope you use and enjoy your BaZing benefits and tell others about your savings story! It’s another great way to get the most out of your relationship with your smartphone and First County Bank.