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#DigitalConnection: Go Cardless with Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®

Have you ever forgotten your First County Bank debit or credit card at home? First County Bank now offers alternative payment methods with the Mobile Wallet feature. Customers no longer need to present their debit or credit card at checkout when they use the Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay® app.

Customers can convert their First County Bank debit or credit card into a digital version through these Mobile Wallets. Simply download the Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay® app, enter your First County Bank Card information, complete the enrollment process, and start paying from your mobile device. Transactions can be carried out using the digital version of your card via mobile device, eliminating the need to always carry a physical card.

Mobile Wallets ensure the protection of customers by using a encryption system, keeping card information private from merchants. First County Bank’s Mobile Payment Solutions offer a secure and useful alternative to paying with a physical card whether in store or online. During enrollment, see our Digital Wallet Services disclosures for terms, conditions, and further details.


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#DigitalConnection: Deposit Checks Anytime, Anywhere with Mobile Check Deposit

Need to deposit a check after Bank hours? Now you can with First County Bank’s Mobile Check Deposit feature on our Mobile App!

This feature allows customers to deposit checks to your First County Bank checking or savings accounts from your own mobile device at any time. With Mobile Check Deposit, customers simply upload images of the front and back of their endorsed check without having to go to the Bank. Making a deposit has never been easier with Mobile Check Deposit!

Some useful tips for Mobile Check Deposit:

  • Endorse the back of your check with your signature and write “For Mobile Deposit Only” before taking the image
  • Soon after depositing a check, you will receive an email confirming the deposit has been received, followed by a second email indicating whether your deposit has been accepted
  • After your check has been deposited, mark the front of your check “Deposited via Mobile” with the date and store for safekeeping
Digital Connection

#DigitalConnection: Protect Your Business with Positive Pay

Are you proactively protecting your business against fraud? First County Bank offers business owners Positive Pay services to prevent check and ACH fraud before it’s too late. These services provide fraud protection by monitoring each check and ACH transaction that clear your business account daily.

Positive Pay offers easy-to-use online tools for reviewing these transactions. The online system matches an uploaded file of issued checks against those presented for payment to ensure that only authorized payments are processed. Business owners are notified automatically by email if fraud is suspected, providing the best practice in prevention.

For more information, contact the Cash Management Services Department at 203.462.4379 (Mon – Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

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#DigitalConnection: Online Banking Made Easy for Business Customers with Direct Connect

Business Banking ‎users have the ability to integrate Online Banking transactions with Quicken® or QuickBooks™ ‎for a more efficient banking experience. Business customers must be enrolled in Quicken® and QuickBooks™ ‎Direct Connect through First County Bank Online Banking. Once enrolled, customers can download transactions for faster end of month reconciliation & enhanced cash flow, eliminating the need for double entry of online bills. Please review our fee disclosures for business accounts or contact Cash Management Services: (203) 462-4379.

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#DigitalConnection: Check Your Balance Anytime, Anywhere with Fast Balances

Need to know your account balance in a hurry? With First County Bank’s Mobile Banking App, you can view your account balance without even logging in! This feature gives customers 24/7 access to their account balances anytime, anywhere and is always up to date.

Fast Balances are conveniently located under the pull-down tab on the Mobile Banking sign-in screen (as shown below). Customers can set up and manage their Fast Balances under the Banking Services page on the Mobile App. 

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#DigitalConnection: Debit Card Protection Offers Greater Peace of Mind

Deactivation on Desktop

Have you ever lost, misplaced, or had your debit card stolen?

With First County Bank’s Debit Card Protection, customers can deactivate/reactivate their debit card with the click of a button! This feature is accessible via mobile phone, tablet, or desktop allowing customers to directly manage their debit card quickly and conveniently.

Deactivation can be initiated using the “Guard my Card” feature on the mobile app or though the website under “Card Services.” Deactivating a debit card will temporarily freeze any card activity from occurring. If the customer finds their debit card, they may reactivate it using the same feature.

First County Bank’s Debit Card Protection feature offers customers a sense of security in the event of a missing debit card by preventing unauthorized use.


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#DigitalConnection: Real-Time Control of Your Business Line of Credit

In an effort to continually provide the best overall banking experience, we want to make sure our business customers are aware of certain digital capabilities when using their business line of credit. First County Bank business customers with a line of credit have the ability to control their funds in real-time by using online banking to initiate advances between their line of credit and First County Bank business checking account.

Additional flexibility even allows business owners to customize the levels of access for any of their users all from the comfort of their home or office via online or mobile banking.

For more information, contact the Cash Management Services Department at 203.462.4379 (Mon – Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

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Introducing #DigitalConnection

First County Bank is excited to announce the launch of a new blog series, #DigitalConnection. #DigitalConnection will serve as a source for the latest information on the Bank’s digital products and services.

#DigitalConnection will be regularly published and will provide information on how First County Bank’s online and mobile products can help make banking easier and more convenient.

We hope these posts will serve as a useful resource to enhance your overall banking experience.

Stay tuned for future editions of #DigitalConnection.