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Stamford Downtown Balloon Parade was a Big Success

After two years of inclement weather, Sunday brought us great “flying” weather.

Paddington Bear took to the streets of downtown Stamford with 36 balloon handlers and more banner holders. Our volunteers, and for many this was their first balloon parade, marched and spun their way down Summer Street and Atlantic Street in front of large crowds. Marchers waved teal spin signs (2,500 were given out by our street teams) and followed the wild cheers of “spin, spin”.  A big thank you goes out to our balloon handlers. They did an outstanding job helping Paddington wave to his many fans. Thank you to the families who came to support us as well. And special thanks to the Atlantic Branch and Prospect Street teams for their efforts.

Take a look at some of our parade volunteers in action.

Thank you, volunteers!

  • Anne Hardy
  • John Bonora
  • Rey Giallongo
  • Bob Granata
  • Willard Miley
  • Vicki Puciato
  • Sara Tucker
  • Jason Benitez
  • Duncan Lee
  • Prasanta Nath
  • Ricky Arriaga
  • Edens Fleurizard
  • Monique Gist
  • Richard Evanko
  • Nashaly Caraballo
  • Elizabeth Grajeda
  • Brad Lupinacci
  • Stephanie Frederick
  • Anna Marie Pace
  • Nino Antonelli
  • Karen Patterson
  • Gerda Denis
  • Sophia Jean
  • Shaun Intriago
  • Aarti Bansal
  • Shelonddini Louis
  • Kevin Granata
  • Genesis Garcia
  • Sebastian Kulesza
  • Dominique Ruffin
  • Cristina Pace
  • Tamara Ledwith
  • Jennifer DaSilva
  • Michelle Bonora
  • Joe Granata
  • Faith Miley
  • Ryan Ledwith
  • Jose Luis Gutierrez
  • Marita Perillo
  • Stella Amortegui
  • Melissa Houle
  • Melissa Arevalo
  • Dave Metzgar
  • Gabriel Amortegui
  • Sendy Montour


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