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Employee Profile: Meet Mark Ayen

Meet Mark Ayen– VP and Network Manager of the IT Department. Mark has been with the Bank for 17 years.

Tell us a little about yourself – feel free to include information about your family, hobbies and/or involvement in the community:

I was born in California, but have lived in lower Fairfield County most of my life.  Currently, I live in Norwalk with my wife, MaryLynn, and daughter, Veronica.  All three of us are taking classes.  I am in the UConn part-time MBA program; MaryLynn is working towards an accounting degree; and Veronica is a high school student at Brien McMahon high school.

What is your favorite part of your role with First County Bank?

My position affords me the opportunity to with colleagues in all functional areas of the Bank.  I enjoy learning about how the different operating divisions work together to create a functioning whole and using that knowledge to ensure IT provides a high level of service to its internal customers.                                                                        

What is the most frequent question you receive from customers, and how do you respond?

The most common question I receive from my fellow employees, who are my internal customers, is probably, “Can I have a new…”?  I use this question as an opportunity as a springboard for conversations about the customer’s actual need and the best way to resolve it.  Sometimes, the best way is by providing the new equipment or application originally requested, but sometimes we’re able to determine a better way that they didn’t originally consider.

Do you have a favorite First County Bank moment? This can be any moment at the Bank that has made an impact on your life.

My favorite First County Bank moment came before I even started working at the Bank.  When I was working for another bank, I attended a conference and was the sole attendee from my institution.  I ran into Tom Bartram and Toni Pellegrino (whom I had met at previous events), who invited me to hang out with the First County Bank contingent.  I had a great time and resolved to work for First County Bank if the opportunity ever presented itself.  A couple of years later, I had an opportunity to work for First County Bank and I jumped at the chance!

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