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Employee Profile: Meet Lorraine Russo

Meet Lorraine Russo, a part-time receptionist at our Prospect Street location. Lorraine has been with us for two months.

Tell us a little about yourself – feel free to include information about your family, hobbies and/or involvement in the community:

I am a big fan of old black and white movies, even silent movies. I love to read, and my favorite author is Henning Mankell, a Swedish author whose books are very hard to find. When they do come out they have to be translated from Swedish to English which can take a year or two. I have read most of his books and have also have read all of Agatha Christie books. I‘m now moving on to finish all of Kate Morton’s books. My daughter says I am a voracious reader!

What is your favorite part of your role with First County Bank?

 I like being the receptionist and helping our customers with their inquiries.

What is the most frequent question you receive from customers, and how do you respond?

Most customers I come across want to check their balance on their accounts.  I transfer them to the Call Center which will further assist them.

Do you have a favorite First County Bank moment? This can be any moment at the Bank that has made an impact on your life.

It was very rewarding to be able to help a customer with special needs find out more information about his account.

Anything else you’d like to say about your experience at the Bank?

Everyone at the Bank is very nice and very helpful.

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