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AITE Branch, Student-Employee Profile: Meet Anoushka Chatterjee

Anoushka Chatterjee, First County Bank, AITE Branch Student-Employee.

In this First County Bank Profile we stopped by our limited-access branch at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE) in Stamford to meet soon-to-be AITE Graduate Anoushka Chatterjee.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a senior here at AITE and will attend Indiana University in the fall, I was admitted directly to the Kelley School of Business. I hope to major in Information Systems with a minor in either accounting or finance. My interest in business sparked when I took accounting last year, and I look forward to continuing my passion for the next four years.

Outside of school, I am a swimmer and swim for Zeus and Norwalk High School Girls Swim Team. In the fall, I was named FCIAC Scholar Athlete of the Month. I currently live in Norwalk, with a sister who attends the University of Wisconsin. Since my junior year, I have worked at Kumon Tutoring Center in Westport as well as played the cello in the Norwalk Youth Symphony. This is my second term working at the First County Bank, AITE Branch.

What were your initial thoughts about being a First County Bank, AITE Branch student-employee?
Initially, I thought it would be a great opportunity especially since I took Accounting I last year, and continued with Accounting II this year.

I also thought it would be perfect exposure to be a part of a business and learn how to consult with customers as a high school senior. Attaining these skills will benefit me as I go into business school, as I will have a better idea of what it’s like to work in the real world.

What surprised you the most about your experience in the financial industry?
I was surprised with the sense of responsibility that came from learning all the terms of confidentiality and detail to accuracy required. I was impressed with how technology has become so advanced in today’s society to make banking transactions easier for this job. Today there is apple pay, remote deposits, and the ability to deposit checks on mobile once we receive it.

What’s a key educational takeaway from your experience?
A key educational takeaway from this experience would be from the monthly BAI tests that we are required to take. They are essential for our jobs and allow us to learn a new skill each month. Some examples of what we have learned are: Identity theft (defend against someone from having their identity get stolen), OFAC regulation (determining someone’s past and risk), bank safety/robbery training (how to stay safe during a robbery).

How will you use the skills you’ve learned in college?
With this job, I’ve really learned to be disciplined and the importance of deadlines. Since I am pursuing business, everything I learned in financial services will help me for when I have presentations, internships and job opportunities. Managing money with today’s expenses and high costs is not easy, which is why it’s important to save as much as possible and start a 401(k) in the first job you get.

What financial tip or lesson would you share with a friend or family member based on your experience?
If there was one thing I learned from this experience, it would be how essential it is to be responsible with money and managing spending within means of your current salary. It’s extremely vital for people to understand the importance of budgets and how much one can spend. After going through this experience, I learned how difficult it can get having to pay off debts, so I strongly believe that one must value the concept of saving money.

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