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#FrontlineFridays: Meet Lily Alvarez Angeles

IMG_7740Meet Lily Alvarez Angeles, Teller at the First County Bank Prospect Street Branch located at 117 Prospect Street in this edition of #FrontlineFridays.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a simple person, who believes in God. I am fully convinced that God is good and that He acts every day in my family’s life. I am a wife and a mom who takes care of her family as best as possible. I have two children, Gerardo, 20, who is a junior at UCONN Stamford and Analily, 9, who just started 3rd grade at a school in Stamford.

What is your favorite part of your role at First County Bank?
What I like most about my job at First County Bank is helping customers, treating them with joy and a smile, and listening and motivating them to have a beautiful day. I love to meet customers from different places around the world. The Bank is perfect to meet a lot of people who think and act differently; as we have a diverse community.

What is the most frequent question you receive from customers?
The most frequent question I get from customers is “what is the balance in my checking account?”

What is your favorite thing to do during the fall?
My favorite activity in autumn is to go to the park with my children.

What is your favorite First County Bank moment?
My favorite First County Bank moment was when I was preparing a speech about my experience as a woman, new to this wonderful country, for the Women’s Mentoring Network.  The speech was read last year at a celebration for First County Bank Foundation’s 15th Anniversary. The best part was having the Prospect Street Branch help me perfect my speech. Our branch manager, Edens, was so over joyed with the collaboration of the speech that he bought us all lunch.

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