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Small Businesses Benefit from Cash Management: Meet Mario Maiorana

Maiorana, Mario

Mario Maiorana

Meet Mario Maiorana, Sales & Service Representative, Cash Management Services Department.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Mario Maiorana and I am a Sales and Service Representatives in the Cash Management Services Department at First County Bank, located at 117 Prospect Street, Stamford.

My 11 years of experience with the Bank, enable me to understand our clients’ needs and recommend products and services that are best fitted for each client. The most important motivating factor for me is our customer’s success.

What is Cash Management?
Cash Management stands for solution-oriented products and services that meet our client’s needs of managing daily business processes, while maximizing cash flow and productivity.

Our Cash Management team strongly believes in the effectiveness and value of our products and you can always count on a personal, prompt and high level of service.

How do Cash Management products benefit small businesses?
Our products are designed to effectively accommodate small businesses by providing essential services such as: Merchant Services (Credit Card processing), Payroll Services, Business Credit Cards with various money saving options, Remote Deposit Capture, QuickBooks (Direct Connect),  ACH and Wire origination and Positive Pay, our fraud monitoring system.

In addition, we work closely with other departments across the Bank to deliver lending and investment solutions to aid our clients in successfully developing or expanding their business.

What is the most sought after CM product for small businesses?
Positive Pay seems to be the most sought after product Cash Management service.  Positive Pay is an anti-fraud tool that adds an additional level of security to a business checking account, to defend against check and ACH fraud.  It is quite topical, considering the high risk for fraud in today’s web-connected world.

Specific business types, such as attorneys with IOLTA accounts and non-profit organizations, are strongly recommended to have fraud protection by their auditors.  Others, particularly those who have experienced fraud in the past, are moving forward with setting up this service.

What success story can you share of how a business has benefited from Cash Management services?
A local, small law firm was referred to me. They wanted to be provided with additional information on our wire origination product.

The client was in the process of moving their business accounts to our Bank, and at the recommendation of our Stamford Office Branch Manager, I was able to have an open discussion about their previous banking experience and current service needs. Together we uncovered the tremendous value in two additional services that will help protect his business from fraud (Positive Pay), as well as an expedited payment system for vendors or clients (ACH origination).

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