Are You Hacking Your Own Mobile Device?

FCB_MobileHackedRecent phishing scams have once again raised the concern of online and mobile security. We understand the concerns and risks surrounding fraud which is why we always take necessary precautions in offering fraud prevention tools. A fad in the tech-world is “Jailbreaking” or “Rooting” mobile devices. Unlike third-party hacking into a device, jailbreaking or rooting a mobile device is when the owner of that device, alters its operating system and security features.

The reason user’s will “hack” their own device is to increase a customized user experience or in an attempt to expand functionality. Altering the operating system and device security actually exposes your sensitive personal data to cyber-fraud.  Fraudsters prey upon weakly secured mobile devices, as they monitor device memory and app usage to gather personal information and distribute malicious apps that introduce your device to malware designed to compromise your personal data.

For more information on the risks of jailbreaking and rooting mobile devices or for more security tips, click here.

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