First County Bank Foundation

First County Bank Foundation supports Stamford Hospital Foundation with a Multi-year Grant.

First County Bank Foundation announces a multi-year grant to the Stamford Hospital Foundation, totaling $25,000. In recognition of this grant, the Hospital named the Emergency Department Nourishment Center in First County Bank Foundation’s honor.

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In front of Stamford Hospital’s “Cornerstone Society”, First County Bank Foundation presents its grant to the Stamford Hospital Foundation with Christopher J. Riendeau, senior vice president, Fund Development of Stamford Hospital Foundation, Reyno A. Giallongo, Jr., president, First County Bank Foundation and chairman and CEO of First County Bank, Karen Kelly, vice president, First County Bank Foundation and senior vice president, CMO of First County Bank, and Stephanie A. McLaughlin, Esq., director, Stamford Hospital Foundation.

“It is a privilege to support Stamford Hospital and provide patients and visitors to Stamford Hospital’s Emergency Department with sustenance during their stay,” said Reyno A. Giallongo, Jr., president of First County Bank Foundation and chairman, CEO of First County Bank. “The Stamford Hospital Foundation and its donors were critical to financing the new Stamford Hospital which is an amazing community resource. It is an honor to have its Emergency Department Nourishment Center named after the Foundation.”

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