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Cybersecurity Trending for 2017

SoftwareUpdateAs we approach the New Year a hot topic across all industries is: What will be trending in 2017? For all “Snapchatters” and “Facebookers,” no worries here as it seems that these two social media platforms will continue to expand come 2017. However, one area many do not like to discuss is the area of cybersecurity. In the past few years cybersecurity has gained more attention and increased importance as online activity grows. In 2017, cybersecurity will be a trending topic for discussion.

In a recent Forbes Article, the Society of Information Management (SIM) released their 2017 trend analysis. In this analysis, cybersecurity was ranked as the second most important trend/topic heading into the New Year. According to the article, “36% of IT leaders noted [cyber] security as their top concern. Remarkably, just four years ago, [cyber] security was listed as the ninth area of concern.” How exactly can you increase your cybersecurity efforts? Here are some tips from our Customer Resources Center:

  1. Digital Wallet Security – Mobile technology is changing the way we think of our wallet. We all take necessary precaution when it comes to the safety/security of our physical wallet, but are we doing the same with our digital wallet?
  2. Online Banking Awareness – Online Banking is a convenient way to manage your account. Part of this management requires managing the security of your account. Be sure to use trusted Wi-Fi networks, keep your browser up-to-date, and use strong passwords.
  3. Ransomware – Ransomware is malicious software that can infect a victim’s computer, preventing the victim from using their PC. An easy way to defend against ransomware is by using antivirus software and only downloading software from familiar and trusted sites.

These tips are just a few of many cybersecurity subjects we cover in our Customer Resources Center. To learn more on a specific topic or to view our full list of cybersecurity subjects, click any of the hyperlinks above. Or to read the full Forbes article, click here.

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