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Cold Weather Travel & Safety Tips

FC_BlogImageCold Weather Travel & Safety Tips

The holiday season brings a host of emotions and experiences often involving friends and family. One caveat of creating these holiday memories with friends and family can be harsh traveling conditions. With parts of Connecticut already receiving substantial amounts of snow, it seems we will experience yet another New England winter. Whether you have winter travel plans to see friends, family or to go to work, here are some cold weather travel and safety tips:

  • Start off with the basics by making sure your vehicle is safe before traveling – this means checking your tire pressure and tread as well as making sure all headlights, directional lights, and emergency lights are working before traveling in wintry conditions.
  • When traveling do your best to stay on roads that are well plowed and flat – stick to main roads and highways and avoid hills and slopes. Give yourself extra time to travel on these roads even if they may be a little heavier with traffic.
  • Keep an extra layer of clothing, a couple of blankets and bottled water in your car for worst case scenarios. If you become stranded you will benefit from the ability to stay warm and hydrated.
  • Let friends or family know where you’re headed! This may seem simple but letting someone know when you’re traveling is a simple way to stay safe.
  • In the scenario you become stranded in your car – remember to use your hazard lights; if you’re running your engine to stay warm, keep a window slightly open to avoid carbon monoxide build-up; remove snow build-up around the vehicles exhaust pipe; and if you end up spending a night in your car, keep an interior overhead light on so you can be visible to overnight rescue crews.

Enjoy your holiday season with friends and family, and be safe when traveling. To read the full article visit, The Weather Channel.

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