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Let’s Drive Sales!

RGCEO11First County Bank recently partnered with the Business Council of Fairfield County to offer Supplier Connection, a service designed to provide local businesses with opportunities to connect with potential business partners. Chairman and CEO, Rey Giallongo shares background on the program and the potential benefits to our customers and neighbors.

We’ve always celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit we find in our small business clients. This spirit is especially important as we all work to speed up this slow growth economy. We know the numbers are startling. Most jobs – both created and retained – come from smaller, non-Fortune 500 type companies in our neighborhoods. What better way to create jobs than to drive sales and sales growth?

That’s our motivation for partnering with the Business Council of Fairfield County to make available through our website, This is a free, cloud-based initiative created by IBM to match diverse small businesses offering an array of products and services to Fortune 500 companies looking to buy.

It’s pretty simple as it allows business owners to become part of a sophisticated and robust supply-chain network, which gets them noticed and matched with buyers.

This platform gets business owners past the receptionist and gatekeepers to directly in front of buyers from companies such as Pitney Bowes, UIL, Merck, IBM and many others who are ready to buy.

And, it works. According to IBM, Supplier Connection has help channel over $7B from participating partner corporations to registered small businesses since it started in 2011.

There’s plenty of upside here, so please take a moment and visit to learn more.

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