Smart Savings Tips

Dana’s Savings Tip

We asked our customers and community to share their “Smart Savings Tips” – and you answered with some amazing ideas, including this one:

I raised my college-age son to recognize the difference between “need” and “want;” to work hard and earn his own money; to be motivated to save, rather than spend. I set a budget for clothes & shoes that he needed; if he wanted higher-priced, brand-name items instead, he paid the difference.

He worked age-appropriate jobs beginning at 13; he’s purchased his own pay-as-you-go cell phones since middle school; and his own used cars since community college (before going on to University). Through the years, he’s been excited to watch his savings grow and has developed a balance of school/work/family & friends. He’s also said that because he was invested in his purchases, he understood their value and took greater care of them than his friends whose parents bought what they asked for.

Stay tuned as we share more of your Smart Savings Tips in the coming weeks and months. With your help, we can all learn to save smart.

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