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Did You Say Thank You?

RGCEO1As many of you may know, Cheryl and I don’t have any kids but count our Golden Retriever as our son. That said, I can only image how difficult the job of raising a child is in today’s busy world of school, play dates, homework and sports. Good manners is a life lesson I learned from my parents but frankly, I don’t remember how or when so those lessons must have started at a really early age.

My colleagues and I recently spent the weekend at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center’s Maple Sugar Festival handing out popcorn and drawstring bags to thousands of kids and most all said “Please and Thank You” when asking one of us for popcorn. It may not seem like a big deal but we were all very impressed with how polite and well mannered the kids were.

So a quick well done to all the parents and care-givers out there. Good manners are a life-long habit not just something you pull out in public but something those kids did automatically.

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