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We’ve Got to Get to the Mall…

We’re trying not to panic.  It seems like the Holidays are approaching TOO fast for Cheryl and I to keep up. We did order our Christmas cards several months ago, which lay unopened in their original wrappers, in an unsuccessful attempt to get ahead.  Even the Christmas decorations in the stores on Halloween did not spur us on.  We’ll manage or should I be more accurate and say, Cheryl will manage.

I find she has not only the Holiday spirit but also the Holiday organizational skills.  I think her skills are applicable and may be helpful to many of us.  She has:

  • Drafted a family budget
  • Made a list of family and friends who are on our “nice” list
  • Made a list of the dogs and cats in the family also on our “nice” list
  • Assigned a relative amount to each person’s gift
  • Assembled an “idea” list for each person
  • Cashed in some credit card points for gift cards (just in case) and
  • May or may not stop shopping when we have reached our budgeted limit


With another week or two to go, our pace is picking up. When all else fails, we’ll find a Dustin Petroia game shirt or a one-size fits all Red Sox cap – who wouldn’t like that!




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