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Target Retail Store Security Breach: Immediate Steps to Take to Protect Against Credit and Debit Card Fraud

Breaking news this morning that credit and debit card data was stolen from more than 40 million Target customers across the country has the popular retail store responding by partnering with a leading 3rd party forensics firm to conduct an investigation. According to a statement made by Target officials, the security breach occurred from November 27 through December 15 where the cyber criminals accessed customer names, credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates and three-digit security codes from store shoppers.

If you’ve been a customer of Target during the specified time frame, here are some steps you can take to help protect yourself against potential misuse of your credit and debit information. The following information comes directly from a notice Target sent to its customers.

  • Immediately scan your credit and debit cards for unauthorized transactions
  • Monitor your credit reports through free credit monitoring services


Click here for detailed information on steps to protect yourself against credit and debit card fraud:

If you have have any immediate concerns, contact Target’s hotline at 866-852-8680.

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