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Happy Halloween Everyone

If you remember last year, Halloween in many of our towns was cancelled due to Super Storm Sandy so I am really looking forward to seeing the kids tonight. If there had been a Halloween last year, one of the Best Costume Awards would have gone to the Boston Red Sox for masquerading as a major league ball club. What a difference a year makes!! (Note the multiple exclamation points).

This year, I was able to return two brooms that have been in my office for two seasons – the last time the Yankees swept the Red Sox not to mention enjoying a run from “worst to first.” I had written here the often repeating refrain of hope: “wait until next year” and in this case, hope is a strategy.

Growing up in Massachusetts, being a Sox fan is in my DNA and I must say it feels pretty good this morning. Even a casual baseball fan has to appreciate the teamwork, camaraderie and the emotion in this year’s team. Cheryl and I are looking forward to getting back to our normal sleep schedule, interrupted since the playoffs, but the early mornings were well worth it.

We probably won’t be up late tonight but I am looking forward to all the kids at the door with beards and Sox jerseys on.


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