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First County Bank’s Steve Kinney Inspires Global Audience to Love the One You’re With and Give Back

First County Bank Network Specialist, Steve Kinney, recently entered the world of social media superstardom because of his love for his favorite football team and a touching family moment, which resonated with hundreds of thousands around the world. We are happy to share his heartwarming story, even though, Steve remains adamant about redirecting the attention to a cause close to his heart –  the fight against cancer waged by St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. He is hopeful that his recent social media exposure will bring attention to the support needed by organizations such as St. Jude’s and help save lives.

On October 6, Connecticut resident Brian Kinney presented his dad Steve Kinney with a Cincinnati Bengals hat, a jersey autographed by Bengals quarterback, Andy Dalton, and the grand finale — two tickets to the Bengals vs. Jets game Sunday, October 27 at Paul Brown stadium. A birthday gift from his family, Steve went from cheers to tears as the realization of the trip to Cincinnati to watch his favorite team set in. Steve’s been a fan since the team’s inception in 1968, the same year he lost his 2 year old brother Tommy to cancer.

What’s most interesting about this story is how it impacted hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world. You see, Steve’s daughter Kelly video taped the birthday surprise and Brian posted it on YouTube, for one friend to view. His friend was so touched by Steve’s response to the gift, he posted the video on the Bengals Reddit feed. And off it went — approaching half a million views and lots of comments.

Why the popularity? It seems the universal connection is love — reaching out and touching someone out of love. And that kind of energy has a momentum all its own, so much so that it inspired Bob Bedinghaus, the Bengals director of business development to reach out to the Kinneys and treat them to a dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse before the game. In turn, Steve asked Bob if players would sign gear he and Brian will bring to auction off and donate the money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — in honor of his brother Tommy and to thank the hospital for all they did during his battle with cancer. The circle of life and love — now that’s a story worth telling and sharing. For the full article visit: Steve Kinney Story

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