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Did You Say Thank You?

As many of you may know, my wife, Cheryl, and I don’t have any children even though we do count our Golden Retriever, Powell, as our son. That said, I can only image how difficult the job of raising a child is in today’s busy world of school, play dates, homework and sports. And yet, on top of all this, there are simple but  important life lessons to be learned such as good manners. Good manners is a skill I learned from my parents but frankly I don’t remember how or when, so those lessons must have started at a very young age.

As presenting sponsor of the Norwalk Oyster Festival, my colleagues and I recently spent last weekend  manning our booth and handing out First County Bank drawstring bags to thousands of kids. Almost  all said “Please” and “Thank You.” It may not seem like a big  deal but we were all very impressed with how polite and well mannered these children were. From toddlers to teens, they all seemed to genuinely appreciate receiving a free gift.

So here’s a quick “Well Done” to all the parents and caregivers out there. It seems as if these youngsters are practicing good manners instinctively as a life-long habit, not just something they’d do on occasion. Keep teaching the value of good manners. As we all know, a simple thank you goes a long way.


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