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Morgan Cappetta – Marketing Intern – Parting Thoughts

Morgan Cappetta, First County Bank Summer Intern

Morgan Cappetta, First County Bank Summer Intern

For those of you who may not recall, I’m Morgan Cappetta, the seventeen-year-old Marketing Department summer intern from the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program (MYEP). Unfortunately, my time at the Bank is already drawing to a close. Half of me is surprised that it’s gone by this quickly, and half of me is not surprised at all.

I expected the work here to be challenging, and expected to have similar difficulty integrating myself into the professional environment, since it’s vastly different from what I’m used to. I am pleased to report that even though the work here lived up to my expectations, I find myself undaunted and comfortable in the office. I owe this newfound confidence to my colleagues, who have been extremely willing to answer my endless stream of questions.

Mostly, I ask if I should go beyond the task initially given me, because it seems like the logical thing to do. At First County Bank, I have learned that every task is important. Compiling a list of prospective nonprofit organizations, for instance, has wide-reaching effects on FCB. The list is tied to a major event, which is based on the Bank’s Planned/Legacy Giving program, which will further solidify its commitment to nonprofit organizations and the community as a whole…all because of one seemingly insignificant spreadsheet, constructed meticulously by yours truly.

I am not made to feel small for asking so many questions, of which I am extremely appreciative. Often, my inquiries and suggestions are seen as valuable contributions. For instance, a few weeks ago, Karen Kelly (my mentor) asked me to brainstorm ideas for a Facebook photo/video contest. After presenting my initial ideas to Karen, she responded enthusiastically and told me to move forward, so I composed reports for two contests. Karen liked both so much that we are actually going to execute them both.

First County Bank taught me that every idea has merit, and that I should be confident in my own voice and opinions, because who knows, I could end up creating something great. This summer has been one of the most educational experiences of my life, because now I know what it takes to work in a professional environment, and I know what being an adult feels like. I’ve also gained enough confidence to call people on the phone, a formerly inconceivable notion. These lessons will be extremely valuable for me as I go off to Boston University this fall. Now, instead of tentatively tip-toeing into class, I can stride through the door and sit smack in the front row, because thanks to what I have been taught, I realize there is much more that I have to learn, and I am not afraid.


Editor’s Comment: First County Bank is very fortunate to have Morgan Cappetta as our Marketing Intern this summer. She is a smart, eager to learn, inquisitive young woman who should have a very successful academic career at Boston University. We all wish her well in her future endeavors. She is an A+ intern!



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