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Music to My Ears

While traveling to PA for the July 4th holiday weekend, Cheryl and I heard the breeding music of the cicada bug, dormant for 17 years.  It’s not exactly music to my ears but it evidently carries some weight with other cicadas.  After doing some research into this phenomenon of nature, I found out that they have not changed their “tune” over the years.

It got me wondering, what was I listening to 17 years ago in 1996?  It turns out we emerged in our own way and were learning to dance the Macarena.  It’s no wonder these “bugs” ran for their lives and hid for 17 years. Dancing the Macarena at weddings was not one of the better trends of the 1990’s. We also followed Prince Charles’ and Princess Di’s divorce, Bill Clinton was President and Mrs. Clinton testified before a grand jury on the Whitewater scandal. The New York Yankees won the World Series.  The Red Sox did not.

From First County Bank’s perspective, on-line banking and bill pay was the hot topic in those days.  Now, look around, it’s all about using smart phones for mobile banking, remote check deposit, the App store, Social Media conversations, GPS based promotions and the move toward more digital customer interaction.  Today, even the small business community has the same sophisticated cash management tools available only to Fortune 500 companies 17 years ago.

We’ll look back again in another 17 years as the cicadas are now listening to Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to see what else has changed since those bugs last came to party.


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