Introducing Morgan Cappetta Summer Intern

Morgan Cappetta, First County Bank Summer Intern

Morgan Cappetta, First County Bank Summer Intern

Hello, my name is Morgan Cappetta. I’m seventeen, and I recently graduated from the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE). I’m excited to be attending Boston University as a freshman this fall. This is my second year in the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program (MYEP), which is an internship program through the government center. Each teen admitted into the MYEP is placed with a local business. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I managed to acquire this fantastic position here in the First County Bank Marketing Department with Karen Kelly, the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, as my mentor. Even though this is my second year in the program, I was extremely nervous for my first day. Stepping into the offices was like entering a different world. I was given the definite impression that First County Bank means business, no pun intended. The environment is professional yet welcoming, which reflects the bank’s personality. The identity that the bank projects is equally present in each facet of the bank that I have encountered thus far ‘behind the scenes’.

My first day with the bank was difficult simply because of my limited banking knowledge, although everyone in the office was encouraging me to rise to the challenge. It’s now my second week at First County Bank, and I already feel settled. I’ve been to more meetings than I can count, and have asked enough questions to write a novel… maybe two. I’m happy to say that Karen and the other ladies in the office are very quick to involve me in projects. They value my contributions, and have trusted me with critical materials. I look forward to the things I will learn in these coming weeks.  I no longer feel like I’m an intern from the MYEP who just so happened to be placed in this position; I feel like a true employee of First County Bank.


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