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Do You Remember Your First Job (cont.)?

It has been a great week at First County Bank. One of my favorites, as a matter of fact.  It all started when the three Taber Scholarship Award winners were chosen by our Foundation and Dick Taber, our retired Chairman. The three high school seniors all not only have impressive academic records but very deep and meaningful commitments to the communities where they live.  We’ll be publicly announcing the winner(s) shortly but I have the good fortune of calling each young person to give them the news of the $5,000 award.  This year, I invariably woke one student up and gave one young lady the good news as she was getting her hair done!

I also had the good fortune to speak at the kick-off of this year’s Mayor’s Youth Employment Program held at Starwood’s headquarters in Stamford’s South End.  As one of the original companies that participated in the program, those of us at First County Bank have watched it grow from 26 students in 2011 to 58 in 2012 to 75 interns in this year’s class.  I think this will be a legacy program from Mayor Pavia’s administration – we are extremely proud to be part of it.

Everyone remembers his or her first job.  I started as a “bagger” behind my Mother who was at the time a cashier at Marshall’s in 1968.  My wife, Cheryl, began her work life in 1973 biking to a cashier’s job at Capital Toy Store in Lowell, MA.  It gave her a life-long ability to make change, all for $1.60/hour.

As with the Taber award winners, this class in the Mayor’s program is very impressive.  They all seem to be very poised, committed to self-improvement and to making a difference at home and in their communities.  Knowing it’s much more difficult today for a young person to find a meaningful summer job, this innovative internship program combines real-world experience with weekly training on team building, personal finance, and effective work habits – many of the things we take for granted.

That said, we welcome Ms. Morgan Cappetta, a recent graduate of Stamford’s, Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE) to First County Bank and to our Marketing and Sales Division.  Morgan will assist us with our Social Media and internet platforms.  We’ll ask her to post her experiences to this blog before school starts again.


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