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How Am I Doing?

Does anyone care about our opinions, really? If you’re anything like me, you’ll read customer polls and reviews posted online prior to making a purchase. These reviews are like taking the product for a pre-purchase test drive and getting the benefit of someone else’s experience. It came as a shock to read that some of these reviews evidently are fake– possibly as many as one out of three. It seems you can get paid for writing glowing reviews on everything from books and video, games to local restaurants and hotels, to name a few. Reputable sites are now cracking down on these bogus reviews through the use of sophisticated computer searches.

Every business that serves customers – we all do – wants to or should listen to them. The Ed Koch model still works, when we ask, “How am I doing”, really we want to know. Here at First County Bank, we ask that question constantly and listen carefully. We are currently engaged in a mystery shopper program, “Voice of the Customer,” where we test our customer-facing employees to be sure they are exceeding the expectations of both our customers and ourselves. We want to know if product knowledge is appropriate; if the speed of our service is up to par and we want to know if your experience was good, great or neither.

Every two years, we send out a very extensive survey used to benchmark our service quality. Our clients are not shy about telling us what they think, as we typically get a 15% response rate. We use this information to identify training gaps and to try to answer “Ed’s” question.

So to those of you who provide us feedback, thanks. We truly appreciate it. Hearing from his or her customers is the best feedback a CEO can get.

Here’s an interesting poll question that has nothing to do with above but I’d love to hear from you!

If I could travel back in time twenty years, I’d tell myself…

…to invest

…to change careers

…to spend more time with my family

…to spend less time with my family

…to not spend so much time amassing Pepsi Points

…to do something else and talk about it in the comments

If you care to respond, do so through the Comments button.


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