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Tips on Boosting Curb Appeal and Making that First Impression Count

You’ve heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This couldn’t be more true when it comes to selling your home. When prospective buyers arrive at your home, you want to make sure their first impression is the best impression. This means, making sure that the exterior of your home, the landscaping, the windows and doors are in excellent shape because the buyer will be making an immediate decision the moment they see your home. In the real estate business, they call it Curb Appeal, essentially the staging of the exterior of a home, and this can cost additional money — more or less depending on the condition of the home. However, many real estate pros stress that boosting Curb Appeal is essential in home sales and can make all the difference. How exactly do  you boost Curb Appeal and where do you start? In this Stamford Advocate piece, Patty McCarthy, of Danbury-based The McCarthy Group of William Raveis Real Estate, put together the following Checklist for Boosting Curb Appeal which includes making sure the lawn is cut and adding potted flowering pots on the front steps for color! Visit for the complete article!

1.      Make sure the lawn is cut, leaves are raked and holes are filled in and seeded

2.      Place fresh mulch around the foundation and plant some flowers

3.      Remove shrubs that are not thriving

4.      Add potted flowering pots on the front steps for color

5.      Make sure walkways are even and stepping stones are not cracked or broken

6.      Pull weeds and trim back overgrown bushes blocking the windows

7.      Paint the front door and touch up peeling paint around the trim on windows

8.      Purchase a new front door

9.      Power wash dust or mold on siding

10.  Seal cracked driveways and make sure there are no holes or depressions

11.  Have windows cleaned

12.  Replace or paint faded shutters/repair any cracked windows

13.  Remove toys, bicycles, garden ornaments, etc.

14.  Remove dead trees, brush or branches

15.  Discard old and worn out patio furniture

16.  Remove empty flower pots

17.  Have torn window and door screens repaired

18.  Repair and paint fencing

19.  Provide adequate exterior lighting for early evening showings


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