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Some of you might recall I have written about the tarnished image of “bankers” coming out of this recession. This broad brush usually emanates from Wall Street or rogue traders in London rather than my colleagues on Main Street or, in our case, Prospect Street. My message to staff was pretty clear. We’re not the bankers you read about in the press but we have to keep on point to improve our own image and do it the old-fashioned way:

  • – Speak clearly
  • – Treat customers fairly
  • – Maintain open communication with regulators
  • – Tell our own story
  • – Do things right the first time

The Connecticut Banker’s Association just released its 2012 Community Involvement Survey of its 32 community banks, including of course, First County Bank. The results are impressive. Our small group of banks made $19.5Million in Charitable Donations providing financial support to 7,500 non-profits in Connecticut. Not only did community banks write the check but also 4,100 of employees of these community banks contributed 267,000 hours of volunteer time to a number of organizations, some of which are during the workday, but are mainly after hours.

Additionally, a majority of us have foundations to support our giving and financial literacy programs to educate our young people on the importance of budgeting, savings, and home ownership.

As impressive as these number are, they have been consistent with prior years’ results and really underscore our commitment to the communities we work and live in.

As I tell my team at First County Bank, “Let’s all get caught doing something good.”


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