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First County Bank Small Business Profile: James W. Lyman

James W. Lyman, Owner, View Entertainment based in Norwalk

“I need a partner that moves as quickly as I do and First County Bank does that for me.” ~ James Lyman

James W. Lyman is a busy entrepreneur, and his business moves quickly. He’s the owner/operator of View Entertainment based in Norwalk that specializes in Video and DVD distribution. Serving the entertainment industry primarily, View Entertainment has been in business for more than 20 years. James is the kind of entrepreneur who likes fast answers from people who hear what he’s saying and think about what he needs. He believes in partnership and wants to work with like-minded people who are true community partners. It’s this mind-set that brought him to partner with First County Bank, that and his desire to support local business.

“First County Bank knows what’s important to me. They get that I want new technology to make my company run more efficiently so they make a point of keeping me up-to-speed with the latest innovations like initiating wires online and depositing checks electronically from our offices, “said James Lyman. “But what I like most is that they are truly a community-driven organization. Like me, they’re involved in many of Stamford’s youth sports programs, and that kind of commitment speaks volumes to me. They aren’t just interested in the success of my business, they’re interested in the success of our community.”

Proximity to his business as well as the Bank’s community involvement was what drew Lyman to First County Bank at first, however Lyman emphasized that First County Bank’s personalized attention, rapid response and skilled managers and staff is what keeps him there. He went on to say, “First County Bank is ‘old school’, going out of their way to answer any questions or provide the specific service I need.”

To find out how First County Bank can help you or to learn about other services we offer, please visit any of our branches or call a Relationship Manager at 203-462-4481.


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