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Everything Old Can Be New Again

In 2010, Americans threw away about 250 million tons of garbage and recycled about 65 million tons. Recycling is vital to our planet as it helps make our environment clean, conserves materials, saves energy and reduces garbage in landfills. It is a valuable process, however it does require energy and labor to turn recyclable materials into usable materials again, and in some cases produces pollutants to do so.

Now, there is a process that is just as useful to the environment, that doesn’t require the melting down of materials, but rather requires imagination and a desire to turn something old into something new again. That process is called “Upcycling” –  finding another purpose for an item that’s disposable and old.

In this Brass Magazine article, the author talks about the basics of “upcycling,” how to start and what to look for. Take it as far as your imagination goes – like messenger bags from old jeans, bottle caps into jewelry or even coasters out of corks. Who knows, you may even turn your upcycling into a business!


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