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It’s That Time Of Year

Putting aside the snowstorm predicted for tomorrow, it’s spring in New England which means Opening Day for the Red Sox is right around the corner. Again, this year, our opener is against the Yankees (in NY) which is a great way to get started. Jon Lester seems to be pitching well, John Farrell seems to have settled in as our new manager-replacing Bobby V. and Papi is working through some back issues – so what else is new?

I caught a piece of their St. Patrick’s Day game and as tradition has it, the Sox wore green uniforms to celebrate. It’s somewhat startling to see but why not have some fun at Spring Training? For those of you wondering, this tradition began in 1990 when Roger Clemens bought the entire team green caps to wear for the day.

The other night, Cheryl and I were watching the movie Ted and the big chase scene ends in Fenway Park – I won’t give away the ending but it got us thinking about what other great movies were filmed in Boston with ties to Fenway. Did you see Mystic River, The Departed and The Thomas Crown Affair? The bank robbery scene in the original Thomas Crown Affair was partly filmed in my hometown of Beverly. I know I am missing a few.

As you can tell, I’m gearing up for another baseball season – hopefully one with a better outcome for the Red Sox. The “wait until next year” excuse is over as “next year” will be here soon.

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