Do You Remember Your First Job?

Everyone does. I started as a “bagger” behind my mother who was at the time a cashier at Marshall’s. That was 1968. My family was friends with Al Marshall, the founder of the retail store chain. We worked in Store #1 in Beverly, Ma. It was a great place to work – friendly, progressive and very tolerant of student hours. I have very fond memories and remember most of all my co-workers.

My wife, Cheryl, began her work life in 1973 biking to a cashier’s job at Capital Toy Store in Lowell, MA. It gave her a life-long ability to make change, all for $1.60/hour.

It’s much more difficult today to give a young person their first job. With unemployment being high and with high academic demands on high school students, many don’t work until their college years. Stamford’s Mayor Pavia has been trying to upend this trend with the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program. This innovative internship program combines real-world experience with weekly training on team building, personal finance, effective work habits – many of the things we take for granted.

First County Bank has participated in the last two classes, in the summer of 2011 and 2012, and we will again in 2013. Our two interns spent the summer months working on our social media programs under the guidance of our Chief Marketing Officer among various other marketing duties and responsibilities. We had a great experience as did these two young students who made a meaningful commitment to our marketing program.

If you are in business in Stamford, check out the program’s website and give a local kid their first job. Who knows, you may be helping to create memories and start a legacy that 40 years from now will encourage someone else to do the same thing  for another young person.

For more information, contact Cathy Bertasso at (203) 977-4143 or cbertasso@ci.stamford.ct.us.


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