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Hope in Humanity Prevails this Holiday Season

It is with a heavy heart that I write this holiday post, a post that was to be about celebrations and the traditions that connect us to our families and friends. Yet, one week ago the inconceivable happened in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut. While I still very much believe in the values and traditions that make up this season, my heart goes out to those whose holiday spirit was violently torn from them. As a state and a nation we have seen much tragedy in this last quarter of 2012, from Hurricane Sandy to Sandy Hook Elementary School, the loss of homes, the loss of lives, especially the loss of innocent children have us questioning why, why now, why ever?

Despite such loss, hope in humanity is not lost. I’ve witnessed communities band together extending a hand; strangers helping the victims’ families to rebuild or offering food, clothing, shelter; citizens sending messages of sympathy, hope and love; donors contributing to relief and support funds. I’m witness to it in our own community as well as in hundreds of communities across the country. And while the circumstances are horrific, it does restore a renewed faith in humanity, in community, and in people. As we move forward in the days ahead, preparing to celebrate with family and friends, count all of your blessings, be thankful and live thankfully every day, find ways to give and give often, live each moment fully with loved ones, and most of all, send your support to those members of our community who have been less fortunate.

This is how I choose to live in my personal life and am thankful to be living it in my work life as CEO of First County Bank. Every day is a day we reach out to the lower Fairfield County community to help our business and personal customers. Through the First County Bank Foundation, we give and give often, this year surpassing $5M in grants since its inception, funding programs and initiatives for the greater good of our community. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of such an inspiring, giving and caring community.

While this isn’t the holiday post I was going to write, it is at its core a holiday post. Whether you are traveling for the holidays or home, I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season.

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