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First County Bank Small Business Profile: Attorney Richard Margenot

Richard J. Margenot

“I have First County Bank on speed dial” ~ Richard Margenot

Richard J. Margenot would be the first person to tell you that he wears many hats. As a multi-faceted Attorney with more than 21 years of legal practice in Connecticut and New York, he deals with a variety of clients who all have different needs. From buying houses to incorporating a business to setting up living trusts and much more, clients turn to Richard for his expert advice. He has a busy law practice specifically focusing on real estate, probate litigation, estate planning, conservatorship and business matters. Essentially, his practice is dedicated to wealth and health and the strategies to preserve each. Other hats Richard wears include an executive board member position with the Greenwich Council Boy Scouts of America and serves as vice president of operations. Richard is also a member of the board of directors for the Montgomery Pinetum Park Coalition Inc.

Many times Richard turns to First County Bank as a valued partner. When we say First County Bank is a full-service bank, we mean “full-service.” We’re here to answer all your questions, make sure all your paperwork is in order, help in every way possible. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than when our customers leverage our expertise.

To find out how First County Bank can help you with your business, please contact Eugene P. Schreiner at or call 203-462-4208.


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