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First County Bank Unveils First County Advisors

Earlier this week, First County Bank announced that its trust and investments division has adopted a new name: First County Advisors.

First County Advisors offers a full range of investment management, financial planning, trust administration, estate planning and fiduciary services for individuals, families and growing businesses in lower Fairfield County.

“First County Advisors is simply a more accurate description of who we are, how we do business and what makes us different from other providers. We are committed to earning your trust and to providing thoughtful recommendations on what’s best for you, your family and your business,” said Rey Giallongo, chairman and CEO of First County Bank. “We’ve been offering this service since 1995, when the trust and investments division opened for business.

“Senior Trust Officer Dave Metzgar and his team have been providing trust and investment advice through the ups and downs of the market with unmatched personal service and experience,” added Giallongo. “We want to remind the underserved investor living and working in Fairfield County that we care about their financial well-being now and into the future.”

At a time when many trust, investment and wealth management groups are stepping away from serving smaller investors, First County Bank has been and always will be committed to serving this community. First County Advisors share the same core values that the bank has operated under for more than 160 years. It is community minded, with local decisions and support, financially stable and conservative in outlook.

“Our goal is to help clients manage their banking and investment needs to stay in better control of their finances. Our job is to be an advisor our clients can trust to recommend what’s best for them – whatever their situation, goals or level of wealth,” added Metzgar. First County Advisors will be hosting seminars, networking events and Webinars to help educate local area investors.

As customers age, the importance of growing their wealth and keeping it increases. The money they make today and they accumulate over time has to be protected. First County Advisors’ services have always been tailored to the individual’s needs and objectives. Regardless of a person’s total net worth, he or she will receive the personal treatment they expect from a trusted advisor.

Metzgar and his colleagues at First County Advisors have a strong track record and offer solid and conservative advice that serve as the core of their fiduciary responsibilities. They provide strategies and guidance to ride out economic and market changes to help minimize the impact of taxes and to protect investors’ wealth.

“Because First County Bank is a mutual bank, we are local and committed to our community and customer base. We all live and work nearby and understand our clients’ economic, social and cultural situations in order to provide the best advice and experience in this market,” explained Metzgar. “While every investor is looking for ‘yield’ wherever they can find it, First County Advisors will help you find it, benefit from it and protect it, and we’re just around the corner from where you live.”

“As a practicing psychologist with offices in Norwalk, Stamford and Miami Beach, I have a very busy schedule,” said Dr. Caren Glickson of Norwalk, a client of First County Bank since 2004. “When I need to reach Paul I just call him and he usually picks up the phone himself to answer my questions.” Glickson refers to Paul Bubniak, vice president First County Advisors, I’ve learned more about investing from First County during the last few years than I’ve ever learned from anybody else.

“I dealt with a very large bank/investment house before and I was ready to tear my hair out. I couldn’t get anybody on the phone. I can reach Paul day or night and that’s the number one reason why I work with First County,” explained Glickson. “Paul and his team at First County are good people. Paul grew up in Queens, New York, like me, and he speaks my language. I was dealing with this fancy investment house and I didn’t understand one thing they told me. They made multiple errors which were difficult to correct. Since moving my money to First County, I’ve done better financially investing with Paul than I did with the well-known investment house.”

First County Advisors offers a wide range of wealth management services, including, estate planning and settlement, trust administration, investment management, retirement planning, financial planning, and fiduciary and insurance services. All from an institution with a reputation for service and integrity, and a proven dedication to the well-being of the people of lower Fairfield County.

Since First County Advisors offers no proprietary products, its advice is completely independent and unbiased. It does not make markets in stocks, underwrite securities or rely on multiple transactions and commissions. Its investment decisions are made strictly in the best interest of the client.

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