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First County Bank Renovates Two Norwalk Branches

There’s a saying, “If you build it, they will come.” That famous line certainly holds true for First County Bank. After recently completing its last branch renovation, the bank says more current customers and new customers are visiting these redesigned branches than in the past.

“The new look and feel of our refurbished branches are the result of customer and employee feedback,” said Kathy Harris, president and chief operating officer at First County Bank. “The branch is where customers can touch, see and appreciate what our brand stands for.” The newly renovated branches are located at 660 Main Ave. and at 469 Westport Ave. in Norwalk.

The redesign of the 15-branch system, a multi-year undertaking by First County Bank, creates an environment that delivers a better customer experience. By creating clear communications within the branch through verbal, visual and physical elements, the bank is better able to manage its space with strategies to enhance efficiencies and overall branch effectiveness.

“When developing this new design concept, First County Bank was looking for a retail space that was more inviting to customers … that supports customer engagement,” Harris explained. By enhancing the overall interiors of the branches through the use of natural and energy efficient lighting, and opening up the space, First County Bank has created user-friendly areas for customers and bank personnel to more comfortably conduct business.

The refurbished branches have concierge desks, online banking kiosks, coffee bars and sitting areas where customers can read or watch TV on large flat screen monitors.

“Customer feedback has been fantastic. They love it,” Harris concluded.

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