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Five Favorite Songs

Reyno Giallongo, Chairman and CEO

Chances are, if you have commuted any substantial amount of distance in the past 30 years, then you may be a Don Imus fan. I have been a fan for years. I had the pleasure of seeing Imus perform at the Candlewood Playhouse years ago when Reverend Billy Sol Harkiss was part of his repertoire. I have a 1970’s Auto Body Express coffee mug from when he and Fred Imus were restoring vintage cars and an Imus/Mets bobble head doll given to me as part of a banking transaction – that’s a different story.

Over the years, Imus has changed his life and show for the better. He’s passionate about his personal causes, his country and, of course, his family. A popular trademark of his live shows is that each guest needs to provide a list of his/her Five Favorite songs at the entrance. I’m sure part of the reason being it gives him an opportunity to ridicule the guests’ choices. Picking out Five Faves is harder than you might think, especially when your iPad has thousands of songs on it.

Let me trade lists with you:

  1. Hotel California – The Eagles
  2. I Left My Heart in San Francisco – Tony Bennett
  3. Have I Told You Lately – Van Morrison
  4. Southern Cross – Jimmy Buffett
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody – Jake Shimabukuro


What are your Five Faves?

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