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Farmer’s Markets – Does Your Body and Community Good

Image courtesy of the Stamford Museum & Nature Center

The Farmer’s Market is a tradition that dates back more than 350 years with local farmers selling fresh, chilled, savory products and produce bursting with flavor! If those adjectives sound familiar they ought to as they also describe First County Bank’s Tasty Ad Campaign! When it comes to Farmer’s Markets, in addition to sharing adjectives, we share the philosophy that locally grown food (or locally grown business) is better for you and the local community! Plus, local Farmer’s Markets are a great place to gather with friends and family in your community.

While a few Farmer’s Markets opened in the spring, many throughout Connecticut opened this month including one of our favorites at Stamford Museum and Nature Center! For an updated list of Farmer’s Markets near you, check out the 2012 Guide to Fairfield County Farmers’ Markets. Do you have a favorite Farmer’s Market? Please share – we’d love to hear about it!

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