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Having Fun at Work

Reyno Giallongo, Chairman and CEO

I frequently shake my head in the middle of the day when I hear uproarious laughter coming from down the hall. Our folks are having fun doing what they love. Most people don’t equate banking with being “fun” and frankly it was more fun a few years ago when the economy was stronger – but so much for my daily whine. The laughter coming from our office has turned out to be one of my favorite sounds. Fun does not start at the end of the workday and I hope every boss believes that.

You don’t have to love comedy to appreciate shows like The Office or the comic strip Dilbert . A little levity and lightheartedness has a place in every office. I’m sure there is a study somewhere that shows a little fun in the office can boost energy and improve team dynamics and problem solving. I see it here at First County Bank.

As a boss, it’s something you have to cultivate and be a good sport about. As a Patriots’ fan, all I could do was laugh when I first stepped into my office, which one day last year suddenly looked a lot more like the NY Giants’ locker room, than the office I knew. Unbeknownst to me some of my co-workers had decided to decorate it for some afternoon fun in the office.

Setting an upbeat tone is important, not only for our employees, but for our customers as well. We want each internal and external experience at the Bank to be positive. We are really fortunate that our workplace –each of our branches and departments – is populated by at least one employee that makes the day brighter by just showing up! They organize team and social events like our winning softball team, bring in bagels and birthday cakes and usually cook up ways to have fun in the office. Sometimes it’s at the boss’s expense but that’s OK because having fun does matter.

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