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Tips on Getting UnStuck as an Entrepreneur

So you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur. Join the ranks of those who are impassioned about carving their own unique path toward business success. Whether triggered by economic uncertainty, a lay off or pay cut, the latest news report on the booming home based business circuit, or a dream to own your own business, you take the plunge. As with any new business or venture you’re bound to meet up with challenges such as financial trials during ramp up, long hours, a change in mindset from employee to business owner and staying disciplined.

According to Purpose and Breakthrough Expert and Blogger Brigitte van Tuijl, another nemesis to the entrepreneur is the mental challenge of getting stuck, not knowing what to do next or how to do it. In her recent blog post 3 Tips to Getting Unstuck, she shares expert advice on how the entrepreneur can learn to get unstuck. She also offers what she calls transformation action steps to guide you along. “No one becomes a successful entrepreneur overnight,” van Tuijl writes. “It takes persistence and constant action. Don’t give up. Do not EVER give up.”

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