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The Rise and Rise of the Mommy Blogger

The Rise and Rise of the Mommy BloggerIt’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. No more true is that than in the case of the rise of the Mommy Blogger. The economic downturn that started around 2007 forced many families to look at alternate ways to earn a living and many stay at home moms were challenged with the task of going back to work to help support their families. Others took action in a different way – blogging. Some started their own blogs, others contributed to blogs, while many were hired by companies like Procter and Gamble to market test and influence other moms. What became collectively known was that these moms had a voice that was powerful, persuasive and could influence purchase decisions among other moms and other consumers. So, this ‘necessity’ gave birth to hundreds upon thousands of mommy bloggers who became advocates, leaders, supporters of causes, influencers and ….breadwinners.

Today, it’s become an ‘industry’ all to itself, with about 3.9 million moms or 14% of moms in the US blogging. This, according to a recent article in that provides the latest stats on the mommy blogger and a peak at the top 10 power moms. On average, mommy bloggers make about $84,000, $14,000 higher than the non-mommy blogger! The average age of the mommy blogger is about 37 years old and more than likely has a college degree or post-graduate degree. Of the 3.9 million moms, 500 are considered the most influential, among them award winning authors, TV celebrities and business owners. Interestingly, the largest concentration of mommy bloggers are in the Salt Lake City area with Seattle and Tacoma Washington a close second.

There’s no question, moms are the new influencers and their voice is worth a thousand words or hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertisers, organizations, retailers but most importantly to other moms who put a lot of stock into the opinion, advise and endorsement of their fellow mommies’. Do you have a blog you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear your voice!

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