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First County Bank President and COO Kathy Harris on Women’s Health and Fitness

Katherine A. Harris “As women, we’re used to hearing about fitness in terms of inches and dress sizes,” says First Lady Michelle Obama in a recent Women’s Health Magazine article about what fitness means to her. “We may know better, but we’re up against near-constant reminders and pressures to look good and take shortcuts to get there,” she adds. In celebration of National Women’s Health Week, May 13 – 19, the First Lady, who’s been a strong advocate for health and fitness, encourages women to make their health a priority and take immediate steps for a healthier life. This includes eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water along with exercising daily and scheduling regular preventative screenings such as mammograms and cervical screenings. “So, here’s the bottom line for us women. No more excuses.” That and be empowered, proactive and view health and fitness as an investment and not a chore. Read the full article here:

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