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Everything Old is New Again

Reyno Giallongo, Chairman and CEO We’ve all heard the old idiom, “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” which suggests it would be a mistake to improve on something that works. We at First County Bank know this to be true. In more than 160 years, our mission has not changed; it has been and continues to be the foundation of how we operate as a community bank. It is a mission that is more a tradition than a statement, a way of ‘being’ as a model member of our community.

However, as evolution is a necessary process in the growth of any existence, human, business or otherwise, we recently made a corporate decision to look at how to further enhance the existing mission to better serve the needs and desires of our customers in today’s reality.

We ‘redesigned’ our core mission statement to embody the bank’s fundamental principles and beliefs, and also offer a “Fresh Banking” approach that propels community banking to an even higher level of customer and community excellence. We continue to provide stability and consistency in an unstable financial environment; we create innovative tools and technology to help keep our customer’s ‘monetary’ house run efficiently, effectively and financially sound. We are even more customer-centric and service oriented – any customer that walks through our doors is greeted immediately and their banking needs, small or large, are handled with personalized attention.

Our commitment to the community is exploding with initiatives that immediately impact the livelihood of our residents, businesses, education, housing and more – initiatives that instill pride in the community and excite the next generation to be model citizens, give back and ‘be the change they want to see’ in the world. In this fast paced, ‘what’s in it for me’, unsteady reality of today, we like to consider ourselves the ‘true blue’, the rock, the refreshingly predictable, the one you can consistently count on, the grounded, as evidenced in our 160 + years of banking and community history.

We are so excited about our new mission statement we will be proudly displaying it in all our branches. For an advanced viewing here it is:

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