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First County Bank President and COO Kathy Harris on Maple Sugar and Community

Katherine A. Harris, President and COO Every year First County Bank sponsors the Stamford Museum & Nature Center’s Maple Sugar Festival. In our 12th year, it is a highly anticipated fun family festival that highlights the New England tradition of maple sugaring. It’s become a popular community event, a staple in Lower Fairfield County that attracts all ages, which is why this year it’s been extended to a full weekend! There are so many amazing and unique activities to talk about like learning how to turn sap into syrup (a favorite among kids) or cheering on local chefs at the Chef’s Challenge where local caterers and restaurant chefs are tasked with creating the ‘tastiest’ recipe made with a secret ingredient — maple syrup, of course. And there’s so much more! I’ll be sharing a link with all the exciting details below. Right now, however, I want to take a moment to talk about community, our community and how on so many levels it is an extension of family. When we, the collective community, participate in events like the Maple Sugar Festival, we experience a shared emotional connection, a sense of belonging, of social cohesion. Feelings not too dissimilar to those experienced during family holidays and get-togethers. And in smaller communities like ours, events, activities, nonprofit fundraisers and the like become the glue that connects us and we become ‘members’ of a club of shared values, a club that answers to the needs and desires of its membership, a club that gives back. Whether you’re a resident, a local business, a school, a nonprofit like Stamford Museum & Nature Center, a bank like First County Bank, I believe, as members, we have a responsibility to contribute, participate, engage with and enhance our community for the collective good. It’s a commitment First County Bank has stood by for more than 160 years and it’s a mindset we’ve witnessed for years among our neighbors, First County Bank Foundation grant recipients, and local businesses.

We are excited to continue to sponsor events like the Maple Sugar Festival and experience our community, you, as an extension of our family. Now, for all the details on the Maple Sugar Festival visit: We look forward to seeing you there!

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