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First County Bank Small Business Profile: Round Meadow Landscapes, Darien

As a child, Woody Oldrin grew up on an 18 acre property called Round Meadow, in Darien, Connecticut. His parents were avid environmentalists and horticulturists. Oldrin’s dad, in addition to working would spend days cutting the field and his mom would be busy planting tomatoes. Their love for nature and the environment was intoxicating. It’s no wonder Oldrin’s parents would be the inspiration for what would become his life purpose – a career in landscape design/build.

In 1994 after a stint as partner in a landscaping company, Oldrin decided to branch out on his own and open Round Meadow Landscapes in Darien. Decidedly concentrating on the residential market, he started the company by working out of his home with just himself and a couple of used trucks. Oldrin decided to target the residential market because he felt it was more satisfying to beautify people’s homes by using a unique approach to landscape design. His specialty, and what he is known for locally, is using indigenous, non-invasive plants to create beautiful, native environments for homeowners. In his own words, “creating an oasis that makes coming home feel like getting away for the weekend.”

“It’s gratifying to enhance their quality of life by nature, it gives me a sense of purpose every day,” says Oldrin.

In 2006, after 12 years of steady growth and a desire to expand, Oldrin met with First County Bank about applying for a business mortgage on a piece of property to house his company. He met with Jim Darling, a Vice President in First County’s Commercial Lending division. Soon after he closed on a mortgage, opened a business checking account and a line of credit which, he says, was key to keeping his business growing.

“First County Bank gave me my big break. I had met with several other banks at the time and immediately liked the people at First County Bank. They are a lot like me in that they’re not the biggest; however they are the best quality.”

Today Round Meadow Landscapes has 15 full time employees and 12 trucks! His vision; to continue to strive to be the best and revitalize area homes and neighborhoods with native plants, greens and floras…naturally.

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