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First County Bank Small Business Profile:Beldotti Bakeries, Stamford

Beldotti Bakeries

(l. to r.) Michael P. Beldotti, James F. Beldotti, James H. Darling, of First County Bank, and Christopher G. Beldotti, at Good Bread Bakery in Port Chester, N.Y.


Small Business Profiles debuts today with a profile on Stamford-based family owned business Beldotti Bakeries.

James Beldotti’s son wanted to make bread. Literally. He was pretty convinced that he didn’t want to go into the corporate world, and wanted to buy the bakery he had been working at throughout his college years. So James Beldotti, got on the phone to First County Bank and started talking bread. The money kind this time. And soon his son Michael was in the baking business, and James Beldotti could get back onto the golf course and enjoy his retirement. That is until his other son Christopher decided he wanted a bakery as well. And that’s when the personal relationships with First County Bank really began to make a difference.

“The fella that wanted to sell the bakery seemed to have some second thoughts when we got into the negotiations,” said Beldotti. “But First County Bank just kept working with us on extending the deadline. They just hung in there with us until the deal was done. It made a real difference in the negotiations.”

Today, business is on the rise. Literally. And Jim Beldotti is busy with his retirement…as a bread salesman.

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