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Teal is the Color of the Season!

Teal is the Color of the Season.

According to the fashion experts, Teal is the color of the season! We couldn’t agree more! So we held the Color of the Season Contest – in the usual First County Bank fashion – asking our employees to show us the Teal! In order to appeal to the Teal and sTeal the show, family, friends and even pets were invited to submit photos of themselves donning their finest Teal color outfit. The photos came in the 10’s, 20’s and 100’s depicting an array of Teal like we’ve never seen before. An ordeal, we feel as this is the real deal! The judges revealed their favs. Envelope please… (drumroll) and the winners are from left to right: Gotrell McLellan, Prospect Street Branch; Lynn Long, Marketing; Sebastian Kulesza, Prospect Street Branch; Claudia Marin, CustomerFirst Contact Center; Kathy Harris, President and COO; Maria Espinal, Prospect Street Branch; Alexandra Tanase, Prospect Street Branch; Seated: Sofia Dorval, Prospect Street Branch; and missing from photo Irving Diaz, Prospect Street Branch. We at First County Bank Congratulate you!

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