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THE CHASE IS ON; MATH MADE EASY — First County Bank Sponsors Free Admission to Stepping Stones Museum

Photo credit:  Thirteen/WNET New York

Photo credit: Thirteen/WNET New York

Stepping Stones Museum for Children, an award-winning children’s museum committed to broadening and enriching the lives of children, will open its doors to the public on Thursday, Nov. 3, from 5 to 8 p.m. for a free night of learning and playing. First County Bank is the official sponsor for the evening.

This event is part of Stepping Stones Open Arms initiative that ensures every exhibit and program is accessible to all audiences for free or at a steeply reduced price.

The Nov. 3 featured exhibit is called CyberchaseTM –The Chase Is On! As children’s understanding of and enthusiasm for mathematics has diminished in this country, Cyberchase provides children with opportunities to become fascinated with mathematics again. As children explore various activities, they will learn how to apply assorted mathematical concepts in non-threatening, exciting contexts and, in the process, enhance their problem-solving skills.

“This will be an exciting evening for parents and their children to experience the museum in a different light,” said Rhonda Kiest, Stepping Stones Museum for Children’s executive director. “First County Bank’s support for the evening provides the perfect opportunity to showcase a wonderful compliment of exhibits and activities for both adults and children.” Cyberchase is based on the Emmy award-winning PBS KIDS GO! Math mystery cartoon, and is a hands-on, educational exhibit through which children and families are encouraged to explore problem-solving in an exciting, family-friendly environment.

“Children are mathematical thinkers and Cyberchase offers them an opportunity to enjoy and succeed in math,” said Rey Giallongo, chairman and CEO of First County Bank. “Everybody uses math skills and knowledge every day. This exhibit offers a fantastic way for the entire family to share and discuss their mathematical thinking and logic. And for those families who haven’t visited Stepping Stones Museum for Children, it offers them the opportunity to experience the museum for free.”

Additional activities include a financial literacy question and answer session; a money matching memory game, designed by the museum to help identify currency; Arthur’s Math Games and other software games.

The museum’s Healthyville section will offer the Stepping Stones Market, with Stepping Stones money, a price chart and cash register for children to learn about budgeting their money to purchase healthy foods. In the Hub section of the museum, children will create a savings chart and decorate it to track their progress toward savings goals. A dozen or so First County Bank employees also will volunteer their time throughout the evening to help families learn more about money and investing.

“Stepping Stones Museum for Children is very grateful to First County Bank for its generosity,” added Kiest. “We are delighted to have the bank sponsor this special night and continue to be part of our family of community leaders who share the museum’s mission and commitment to enrich the lives of our children.”

CyberchaseTM — The Chase Is On! was developed by the Children’s Museum of Houston in partnership with THIRTEEN/WNET. CYBERCHASE is produced by THIRTEEN for WNET. All rights reserved. CYBERCHASE is a trademark of Educational Broadcasting Corporation. The PBS KIDS GO! logo is a registered mark of PBS and is used with permission.

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