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Steve Jobs and Entrepreneurship – What We Can Learn

It’s been said that during the harshest of economic times, entrepreneurs are born and many build companies that not only survive but also thrive…time and again we’ve seen a downturn give rise to vision and a keen ability to identify a need and fill it. Remember the economy of the Carter administration? During that depressive economy, companies like Home Depot, Microsoft and Apple were created. And during similar downturns companies that are today household and business names were formed; HP during the Great Depression, P & G during the great panic of 1837, IBM during the Long Depression 1873-1896 and FedEx during the oil crisis of 1973. And there are countless examples of small businesses that emerged out of tough times.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Steve Jobs once said, “…it’s going to be a continued difficult economy. Apple is trying a different way to navigate out of this. We’re trying to innovate.” And innovate he did by becoming one of the most effective and highly recognized entrepreneurs of his time. From computers to movies to mobile, until the very end, he was creating, innovating and making a unique difference in the world.

So what drives the entrepreneur? When the masses seemingly have a natural inclination to play it safe and weather the ‘economic’ storm, the entrepreneur sees opportunity for change and goes after it. What I’ve read about Jobs is he was driven by passion to do that which he loved. Don’t settle, he’d say, and work part time as a bus-boy if you have to until you find what you’re passionate about. He also believed that vision helps to change the world. His certainly did. Another key characteristic was his laser sharp focus. Much has been written about Jobs and his philosophy of life. A philosophy that frankly is hard to debate especially in this economy.

As Chairman and CEO, I have the unique opportunity to meet many of our small business owners and entrepreneurs. I recognize a similar “Jobs passion” and desire to make a mark. Some come to First County Bank with a dream, or desire to expand and grow, and many look for ways to leave something behind for the next generation. And being a community bank, with a rich history of giving back, we are committed to supporting the entrepreneur, the innovator, the local business that wants to make a difference. Your passion is our passion, and we are ready to provide you with the resources, products and services you need to achieve your unique goal or vision. Visit a First County Bank branch near you or our website at to learn how we can help you.

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