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Family Matters When it Comes to Generational Planning

The best way to predict the future is to create it ~ Peter Drucker

This is especially true when it comes to generational or long term planning. Whether you have a family-owned business or are a family who has amassed wealth, it’s important to take steps today to secure the financial health of your family and future generations.

How? I believe the answer lies with the family. What we teach our children both in word and action makes the difference. Teaching wealth management skills is key. Lead by example by demonstrating a healthy relationship with money. Create an environment of trust and openness with your children when discussing the wealth of your family or business. Once you’ve set the foundation, it’s essential to have a ‘go-to’ financial institution you trust to help you create your plan. At First County Bank, we see many families come in with questions and concerns about the how of long term planning from estate planning to investment management. Because we have a full Trust & Investments department we are able to spend quality time with each family to address their specific needs and answer concerns they have, no matter what wealth category they are in.

I’m proud to say our customers have put their trust in us for 160 years. With many of our personal and business customers exchanging wealth from one generation to the next, we want you to know we are here to stay and are happy to answer any questions you and/or your family have. If you’re ready to create your future, please feel free to visit a First County Bank branch near you to talk about the best long term plan for you. For more details, visit or contact Dave Metzgar, SVP, Trust and Investment Division at 203-462-4267.

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